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Senior Projects

Midad group, since its very first moments, aims to encourage university students. We stand out for seniors, assist them in their final project process, and guide them to perform professionally.

The Senior Project is a key component of the vision for an educational experience. It is a culminate exit program that proves a senior’s ability to apply knowledge and skills, articulate, write, problem-solve, and practice the life skills of time management, organization, and risk-taking. 

Midad group serves the student in all whatever he/she needs in this passage state, through the fieldwork and advisors during the research, outline, and presentation phases.

However, Midad offers senior project services to three main faculties: Business Administration, Media, and Political Science.

In the Media Faculty, we offer the following:

  • A working group for photography, montage, acting, etc. 
  • What the student needs in terms of equipment and supplies.
  • Studio for recording and photography/shooting.
  • co-director/director.
  • Checking and correcting the script and other matters that would aid and develop the senior project.

In the Management Faculty, we offer the following:

  • A fieldwork team for research and statistics.
  • Statistics experts.
  • Checking and correcting the search.
  •  Specialized Doctors oversee and supervise the research.

In the Political Faculty, we offer the following:

  • Fieldwork team for the research study.
  • Experts and analysts in the political sphere.
  • Checking and correcting research.
  • Specialized doctors in political sciences for examination and advice.

The Senior Project is a vehicle that allows students to use the knowledge and skills they have obtained in “real-world” use. It has the potential to motivate the student, connect the university with society, and create pathways from university to career.