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Throughout the politics workshops, you will find out about practices of power and governance, from local up to international level. Whether you want to make a difference within national politics, pursue a career in international relations and diplomacy, or join the ranks of those campaigning for change or reporting on political issues worldwide, you should pass through the following: 

Level 1: Introduction to political science

  • Introduction to political science 
  • The Middle East Political history 
  • Political media and
  • Political Speech Monitoring 

Level 2: International Relations

  •  Speech analysis 
  •  Psychological warfare
  • Dealing with the enemy News/Topics 
  • Liberation Movements and Colonial Project
  • International politics 
  • The Case of Palestine

Level 3: Philosophy of politics

  • Dealing with Hebrew Media
  •  Mobilization: The concept and Appliance 
  •  The cases in international politics 
  •  Management of Political discussion

Level 4: Policy management

  • Political Analysis 
  • Principles of Political action 
  • Management of political work