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Midad Group Magazine, a weekly published magazine that focuses on several subjects, such as economy, politics, society, sports, people’s interests, etc. 

The magazine adopts a different style, a style that is familiar to people. It motivates them to write, read, and interact. Midad enables a space for those who wish to participate and publish a specific article with their own pen, in addition to the opportunity it provides for university students or members to train writing in the online magazine section.


The intention is not only to get near people and publish articles to read; the goal is to allow the colleges to write on our platform, present themselves, express their opinions with their own pen and motivate them to read, besides training and preparing them for the work field.

However, Midad Magazine welcomes university students that need a certain number of working hours as stagiaire or training hours for his/her faculty, although we may give them a certificate under specific terms.