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You will learn about the career paths that are available in journalism and what opportunities the skill sets of a journalist can offer in other fields. You will explore areas such as being an international correspondent, self-publishing in journalism, as well as how to freelance in the field. You will be empowered to develop your own path in journalism, from being an active and informed consumer to being a journalist.

Journalism - and journalists - are agents of change. Are you ready to become one too? You may pass through the following workshops and levels:

Level 1: Effective Journalist

  • News monitoring 
  • News Industry 
  • The industry of General Opinion 
  • Efficient Internet Search 
  • Social Media Skills 

Level 2: Professional Journalist

  • News Editing 
  • Scenario 
  • Interviews
  • Reporting

Level 3: Journalistic Investigation

  • Investigative Journalism