When Midad first opened its doors to the public in 2016, it had just one site, having a few numbers of student training. Today we have members all over Lebanon, clients inside and outside the country, a studio with all needed equipment, a magazine, and more than six platforms to present on with thousands of followers.

"Midad's" weapon occurs in the meaning itself, a gray ink, or a tube carrying a pencil and used in writing. That was its power, the ink that writes and performs with honesty.

Midad was established with a few individual youth initiatives, but our hopes and aspirations were and still beyond the horizon. Our slogan was the goal and the motivation for us to follow the path, "Motivating the youth component of the individual initiative."

More than 170 affiliates joined the team for three years. Each was trained in the field of photography, press writing, editing, reporting, and broadcasting, each according to his/her familiarization, and many other new skills they acquired. In addition to knowledge, they obtained through workshops.

Mohammad Rida Shamouni

In the world of Digital Marketing, we develop business for its clients with battle-tested SEO strategies and processes. We build websites that optimize for high converting performance that drive results.

A to Z digital marketing services is presented to your online business image. Furthermore, we enhanced the service domain to transpire the Student Plan sector.

The student plan is unique and has special characteristics where you are central in the learning process and outcomes.

Since the first few moments of Midad Group, we strived to establish a systematic Student Support Program offering workshops in multiple subjects and domains with certified training and support in Senior's Projects.

we arouse among the students the motivation and individual initiative so that they were to experience fieldwork like reporting, presenting in front of the camera, editing, etc. Affiliates even developed and increased their knowledge and were able to break obstacles and overcome fears. we offer various services for you. The administration of our services goes beyond your expectations.


Feel free to contact us at any time for any request, if you want:

• to become a member
• a basic website
• an advertisement
• a certain design
• equipment or studio
• editing or filming assistant
• manage your marketing process

And many other inquiries you may ask for, we are ready, always beside you.

With your confidence and support, and with the effort of everyone who joined the team, Midad built itself and became more substantial.

Despite all the difficulties and challenges we have gone through, we were able to maintain, and we are still proceeding with greater hopes and more significant goals for your service.

During the past years, Midad has developed and grown stronger than ever, thanks to your trust and support.